Audio & Video Production

At Habana Creative Studio we’re not just videographers. We’re also audio experts who create and produce music.

As a one-stop shop for both services, you can more easily combine them –  for example creating a band promo video or a documentary complete with an original soundtrack.

Video Production

We create all kinds of videos; from big production to small produciton, long videos to short. With 15 years experience working for advertising and production companies, we have a well-oiled production process.

We deliver with deliberate tone and style, using only top-of-the-line equipment and the latest technology for editing and color grading.

Phases of Video Production

There are three: preproduction, production, and postproduction.
Preproduction: we plan before we shoot so we can make the most of filming time. Every second counts. Production: we follow the plan, using high-quality equipment, professional lighting, cameras, lenses and accessories. Postproduction: using the roadmap laid out in preproduction, we cut scenes and put them all together. We edit with the latest software.

Social Content Videos

We create videos that engage your viewers with interesting content to boost your social media popularity and grow your business.

Short Promo Videos

Viewers have shorter attention spans these days. The shorter the video the better. We immediately capture their interest so you can completely get your point across.

Animation videos

We create all types of animation videos including LED digital menus, 3 Dimensional animation, and after-effects animation.

LED Digital Menu Videos

These animation videos showcase your menu food items. Customers can visualize their food and you can highlight what you want to sell. These are especially helpful for promos.

Music Promo Videos

We record and produce demos for all kinds of artists and performers; from bands and musicians to dancers and fire dancers. Our thorough understanding of sound and mixing, plus our director’s 25 years experience as a musician himself ensure we turn out excellent quality.

Documentary Videos

We create documentaries in a range of lengths, for a range of clients; from corporate businesses, to small local ones, to independents. We collaborate with a team of expert writers and visualizers to organize the materials. Viewers will easily follow the information content presented to them.

Casting Models

Behind the Scenes

Audio Production

We produce and edit a variety of music tracks: covers and originals by recording artists, original soundtracks, political and advertising campaign jingles, video soundtracks, and voiceovers. Our audio work has been published on major media networks like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

As audio producers we know how to generate high-quality sound. But we’re also music producers; we can add musical arrangements to your work, or create musical scores for your film or audio projects.

Audio Production

Here are some samples for an idea of what we do:

Soul Candy (Band) Recording

Here’s an example of a band’s cover track (Funkin’ for Jamaica). We used special equipment to record each musical element on digitally separated tracks. This equipment allows us to individually adjust each instrument’s sound during recording and editing to make the perfect mix.

TVC Soundtrack Re-Arangment

Is there a track you’re dying to use, but don’t have the legal rights to? We can take popular tracks and rearrange them so you can. This one was based off of “Gangnam Style” and then used in a promo video.

Cambodias Next Top Model Soundtrack

Here’s an original techno soundtrack we created for the catwalk portion of a Cambodia’s Next Top Model event. We can create soundtracks like this in a variety of styles for TV shows, specials, and films.

Freshy Orange Drink TVC Original Soundtrack

Used for a TV commercial, this track was created using all-original writing and scoring. Our speciality is carefully studying the mood you need and then representing your brand with sound.

Bep Trang Restaurant Video Voice Over

This is a voice over we recorded and produced for social media content and a local TV commercial. For these projects we test out different tones of voice and then choose what most matches the rest of the content.

Corporate Telephone Operator Voice Over

This kind of voice over is used to put clients at ease while they’re waiting on the phone for you. This one for Fakhrudin, a Middle East Trading Company, features a soothing voice and background music for sound continuity. It also gives information about the company’s brand and story.

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